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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Charleston Final Days

Our last and final days in Charleston were packed with adventure, education and some delicious southern delights. 

We went “Back to School” at the Culinary Center for the Top Sommelier wine and food pairing session.  The lecture hall was packed full of people, wine glasses, bottles of water to cleanse your palate, and the anticipation of what was to come.  Four of the top Sommeliers in Charleston gathered to share their knowledge of food, wine and hurl insults at each other over some of the finest wines around. 

They brought us in gently with several white wines; some creamy and smooth while others were crisp, fruity and dry.  The chef, who had a very difficult task ahead of him, paired these whites against an open faced bahn mi sandwich with spicy meat and pickled vegetables. 

After the introduction was over our wine guides ramped things up with some bold and aggressive reds from distant corners and local hills.  While each explained his reasoning behind his wine choice his peers would hurl playful insults and colorful jabs.  These people not only loved their wines, they wanted to teach all of us in that room just a little bit more.  The chef paired these reds with a beautiful pork mole on a crispy and slightly sweet arepa.

But enough wine, time for a taste of what Charleston is famous for; Oysters!!!  At the Pluff mud oyster feast we donned our protective gloves, selected our weapon of choice (a small wood handled oyster knife), and dove right into never ending piles of hot and steamy oysters.  Not content to be labeled a one trick event, chefs from all around Charleston were present showcasing their take on classic oyster pairings and fare.  A beautiful spring day, some great local beer, and some sweet southern blue grass echoing off the concrete floor of the barn and into our souls, what more could anyone ask?

\Charleston has a natural beauty all its own.  The history, the cuisine, and the people all exude pride in what they (and their ancestors have built).  Each old cobblestone tells a story, and no matter where you are, you could find someone to tell you that story over some great drinks and fantastic food.  Till next time Charleston!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Charleston Day 2

 Day two brought us a taste of local flare in the Open Air Artisan Marketplace where numerous venders peddled there goods and wares to the delights of all.  In here we met blacksmiths, distillers, candle makers, marshmallow chefs, and one guy who was extremely passionate about his sauce. 

After sampling some of the best artisan creations around, we decided to take our own tour down King Street to see what else this city had to offer.  While traveling down the road we were stopped dead in our tracks by a few windows full of glittering sterling and crystal.  We had to explore this shop, and in doing so we found more than we bargained.  A traditional southern table was laid out upstairs complete with grilled tenderloin, pimento cheese tea sandwiches, and fruit salads.  The charm was contagious and soon we were talking silver, traditions, and our favorite pieces.  It was a perfect experience of true southern hospitality. 


All this tradition worked up a mighty thirst.  It was time for our trip to four of charlestons premier local breweries.  We tried some fantastic brews and met some even more incredible people.