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Monday, June 20, 2016

Brunch of the future

Brunch has always been my favorite meal.  It doesn't matter if it's a full spread with omelet bars and carved roast beef, or as simple as breakfast tacos, I love brunch.  Brunch is the most casual meal of the week and it can last as long as a cup of coffee or until its time to find a spot for dinner.  But what about hosting brunch at home?  Sometimes the complexity of executing the perfect brunch can become overwhelming, and that is where science can lend a hand!

When I develop a brunch menu for guests at my house I want to keep things simple, but still have a wow factor.  Maybe start with some fruit salad, home made granola and yogurt, slide right over to a creme brulee french toast casserole and load up your plate.  But I like something that sets the experience apart from every other brunch my guests have ever had.  This is where technology comes in handy.

Lets take a look at the sous vide Eggs Benedict bar!  Perfectly poached eggs cooked in their shell using immersion circulators, english muffin croutons, fresh tomatoes and crispy bacon, all topped off with a spoonful of velvety hollandaise sauce.  Guests walk up and choose their own eggs, like a lobster tank, crack them open and slide out a perfectly poached egg with a yolk that runs like thick custard.

You can amend this for your own parties at home; use halved toasted english muffins, whole grain bread, or even some local hearth breads, add protein with grilled salmon, canadian bacon, crispy bacon, even sliced steak, a few extra add ons like sliced heirloom tomatoes, sauteed spinach and avocados, then finish the buffet with the sous vide eggs and a warm bowl of hollandaise sauce.  Its a visually appealing station and it will keep your guests talking!

With warm summer weather, and more beautiful days ahead, why not call your friends and host a brunch.  There is nothing better than relaxing on a beautiful day with a tall bloody mary, or mimosa, in your hand, and a perfectly poached egg on an toast.

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